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Everyone has heard of card counting, although many wonder if they've got the ability to do so. Have no fear. If you can add and subtract by one you're well on your way. Colin Jones of "Blackjack Apprenticeship" does a good job explaining the skill below:


(3) How to Count Cards (and Bring Down the House) - YouTube


Even some slot machines (YES, I said "slot machines") may be profitable in certain game states. Take the popular Golden Egypt, for example. Whenever two coins are collected on a certain reel that reel becomes WILD for the next two spins. The game is in an advantageous state when one coin has already been collected on two (or more) of the first three reels. Under these conditions the theoretical payback of the game is over 100% and you should play the game. In the example below reel 3 will be wild for the next two spins and reels 1 and 2 are a coin away from being wild. You should ABSOLUTELY be playing this game in this state.




Even better for the bettor, the exploitable slots are also becoming more popular on the casino floor. Check out this web site to learn more:



If you're interesting in this sort of thing (you probably wouldn't be here if you weren't), Richard Munchkin and Bob Dancer host what is arguably the greatest podcast in recorded history, called Gambling with an Edge. Each week they interview different personalities from the AP world and talk about everything from card counting, to hole carding, edge sorting, video poker, advantage slots, baccarat, loss rebates, sports betting, and much, much more. I highly, highly recommend you check it out. They also post their content on YouTube. One such episode  is found in the link below:

Gambling With an Edge - The Inside Story of Mattress Mack - YouTube

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